Does the New Porsche Cayenne S Do It All? | TEST DRIVE

Does the New Porsche Cayenne S Do It All? | TEST DRIVE

Join me in Finland with Mobil1 for an adventure taking a brand new Porsche Cayenne S from Helsinki towards to a lubricants plant to discover more about the making of Mobil1! To get us started it's collecting the newest generation Cayenne from Porsche Helsinki where we can take a walkaround ahead of a test drive to tell you more about the car and what it's like.

The car in particular is actually completely brand new and naturally given the conditions it's running on studded tyres - a new experience for me. The latest gen Cayenne features many new pieces of technology and systems, as well as a 440PS 2.9l twin turbocharged V6.

For this journey we head West from Porsche Helsinki towards Naantali, where tomorrow I'll be visiting the Exxonmobil plant to learn a bit more about how base oils are turned into the end product that's used in the engines of our cars. It's fair to say that the Cayenne is a very appropriate car for this drive so let's find out a bit more.

If you are wondering, the car was so new it had not yet received its official and final number plates so the temporary plates are fitted behind the windows - normal procedure in Finland.

A big thanks to Mobil1 for the invitation to join this trip and making it possible.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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