I Bet You Don't Know How Oil Is Made! | EXPERIENCE

I Bet You Don't Know How Oil Is Made! | EXPERIENCE

Having arrived in Finland and picked up a new Porsche Cayenne S, it's time to join Mobil1 for a look around the Naantali Lubricants Plant and learn a little bit about how engine oil is made. I bet you didn't know before that the original base oils that arrive here are a clear liquid!

Of course, engine oil is hugely significant and important for the cars that we know and love. By lubricating the components, it reduces friction, which in turn reduces heat and ultimately allows our cars to perform the way we enjoy so much. For example in an engine like that of my new Porsche 911 GT3 that revs up to 9,000rpm!

This trip was made possible thanks to Mobil1, I hope you've enjoyed an inside look at something you wouldn't normally see.

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Thanks for watching, Tim

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