Getting Stuck in My AMG GT R | VLOG

Getting Stuck in My AMG GT R | VLOG

Well that didn't go to plan... After a day skiing, we decide to take my AMG GT R for a drive in the snow, joined by @gregb.23 in the 'Green Panzer' G63 AMG 6x6. Things start totally to plan until we choose a tiny and steep back road that's totally ice, and then rather than deciding to reverse it seems like a better idea to be pulled up!

Obviously going backwards would be boring, but our on-the-fly technique didn't really work so it's a quick abort of that plan! Stay tuned for attempt number 2 and more fun to come.

In the mean time, although it may look like 'tarmac', I assure you that the winter tyres had better grip on that ground than my trainers - it was super slippy and due to the angle it just clearly wasn't going to work, especially with the camber. In any case it was a fun idea to try because you only live once!

Thanks to @gregb.23 for the amusement: and of course thanks to the guys as well:

Thanks for watching, Tim