Ferrari 488 GTB on a Private Back-Yard Race Track!

Ferrari 488 GTB on a Private Back-Yard Race Track!

There's not much better than a race track in your back yard, as I discover on visiting Rodin Cars to check out their Fzed race car, and experience some laps at the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTB!

David Dicker has taken on the Formula 1 style project that is the Fzed and is developing it to become something quite extraordinary. Operating from the base North of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island, it's also the home to a dual-circuit layout on site.

After a flight up with Christchurch Helicopters, but sadly with the weather against us, it wasn't going to work to take out the Fzed for an experience but it did mean a chance to take a look at Rodin Cars' founder, David Dicker's private collection including a few laps for me at the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTB. It has to be said, the car has been overlooked slightly from my end is quite a beautifully balanced machine on the track.

Hopefully an opportunity will arise in future to return and see the Fzed in more detail, as well as further projects that Rodin Cars are working on.

Thanks for watching, Tim