What Made Me Do YouTube?

What Made Me Do YouTube?

What got me into making videos in the first place? Join my run down memory lane in one of the most beautiful places on Earth; the Crown Range from Queenstown to Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand. Having spent two periods of 3 months here as long as 10 years ago, it shaped my love for video, travel and driving. Driving in a new RS3 from Audi Queenstown, it's time to explore and bring back some memories!

When I lived in Wanaka, I was working at Treble Cone, one of the local ski slopes as an instructor. Along with a friend, we bought a 1987 Subaru Leone as a car to get around out there - which was actually the second car I owned. Although it had next to no power, it did the job perfectly but heading back over the fabulous roads in the new Audi RS3 certainly upped the game slightly!

With Queenstown hugely developing in the interim period, it was fascinating to see how Wanaka still retains its routes as a glorious and stunningly beautiful place to visit.

As my last stop in New Zealand for this trip, this was the perfect way to end and next up it's over to Australia for Sydney and Melbourne.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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