This is Why I Bought My Porsche GT3! | NURBURGRING

This is Why I Bought My Porsche GT3! | NURBURGRING

I bought my Porsche GT3 with one big plan in mind, drive it on the Nurburgring! Not just once, but try to really get to know the Green Hell in a car that's fully up to the task. Sadly though, F TB 87 is no more, a new registration is coming!

The precision tool that it is makes the 911 GT3 the ideal weapon to learn this grueling circuit and have a lot of fun miles. During a full day of Touristenfahrten at the Nordschleife, I put in a few sessions, getting a feeler and learning more as I go. After a lap with Robert from Apex at the wheel, I'm also joined by Misha to see how I'm getting on...

The track is long, complicated and tricky, so it's universally accepted that unlike a GP or F1 circuit it takes a lot of laps to really learn it and that's what I'm trying to do. It won't happen overnight but the GT3 was really purchased to be driven in this way and to use through this season for some good track days - so that's exactly what it shall do!

Things went wrong before I even got a lap in though upon the sad realisation that the rear number plate had fallen off due to incorrectly not having the backing tape removed from the sticky pads! Unfortunately in Germany, plates are issued by the government and if you lose one it is withdrawn completely and the car must be re-issued. A new plate is already set and you'll see that very soon!

Thanks for watching, Tim