TOP SPEED! Over 200mph in My RENNtech AMG GT R! | EXPERIENCE

TOP SPEED! Over 200mph in My RENNtech AMG GT R! | EXPERIENCE

I knew that my AMG GT R was going to reach incredible speeds thanks to the upgrades from RENNtech, but I didn't expect it to go this fast! During an early morning run on the Autobahn with a prepared car, it managed to effortlessly reach a GPS recorded 330km/h, or 205mph, what an adrenaline rush!

The standard factory Mercedes AMG GT R claims a top speed of 318km/h when it is running with 585PS and 700Nm. After installing the RENNtech R1 package with downpipe, blow-off valve and an ECU tune, my car is running 671PS and 797Nm, with a theoretical rev limiter still in operation of just over 330km/h. Being a track focused car, the additional downforce from the aero is actually disadvantageous at high speed due to the increase in drag, however the rate at which is accelerates is incredible.

The additional torque across the rev range is hugely noticeable, but also there car is totally confident at high speed. The conditions had lined up perfectly for the occasion with clear and dry weather, a car in great shape wearing new tyres and a run on a Sunday morning with the absence of trucks and much road traffic.

I was already a huge fan of the AMG GT R, but now even more so. It is the most incredible car that is phenomenally fast, incredibly practical, comfortable over long distances, and rapid around the race track to boot.

Thanks for watching, Tim