Porsche GT3 or AMG GT R - Which Do I Choose? | HEAD TO HEAD

Porsche GT3 or AMG GT R - Which Do I Choose? | HEAD TO HEAD

I've recently taken delivery of both the Mercedes-AMG GT R and the Porsche 911 GT3, two cars that serve very similar purposes at almost identical price points. So, if I could only have one of them, which would it be?

After 15,000km on the AMG in 5 months and already 2,500km in just 2 weeks on the 911, I've driven both cars on tracks, Autobahns, town and mountain passes. For this head to head, travelling from the south of Germany through to Italy ahead of Cars and Coffee Brescia, I put the two against each other at high speeds and then in the twisty roads.

Both cars are built in Stuttgart, and both serve similar purposes as track focused versions of their respective cars. My GT3 is completed in a spec to be driven on the race track where by GT R is more prepared as a grand tourer. But what are they each like when you jump straight from one to another?

Thanks for watching, Tim

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