A BMW M2 Competition is Joining the Team!

A BMW M2 Competition is Joining the Team!

I'm very excited to announce that a BMW M2 Competition will also be joining the team! Shmarc, manager of Shmee150, is upgrading his M2 to the latest model - the M2 Competition. We saw the car for a full first look at the recent launch and the journey is shaping up to be very special with some great videos in the works. I'm very excited for him, it's going to be epic!

On a very wet afternoon that ends the 2018 Nurburgring 24H, a brand new BMW M2 Competition was being showcased outside the BMW M Motorsport hospitality unit featuring a whole host of the new M Performance Parts on offer. The total package will bring the price tag up towards a total of around €100,000 but for that you get an incredibly enticing car that we cannot wait to drive for the first time.

As we take a walkaround of the car wearing a number of the options we can take a look at them in detail; from the carbon fibre roof, bonnet, fenders, grille and spoiler to other upgrades like the engine cover, decal package, brakes and suspension kit.

Marc's car is expected to arrive around August/September time, so stay tuned for more updates in due course! http://instagram.com/shmarc150

Thanks for watching, Tim

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